The Pre-School Experience

We believe in following children’s interests, through observation, assessment, interaction and listening to children. We provide resources and experiences that interest them, thereby enhancing their learning and development.

What is the Pre-School like?

Although pre-school is run from a church hall, we are fortunate to be able to use the garden at the rear of the hall. We have had artificial grass laid and a canopy has been built that enables the children to use the outside even when it rains. We are continuously looking to improve the surroundings for the children.

How do we monitor progress?

We hold regular planning meetings, we also have a daily continuous planning sheet where staff put observations based on children’s interests. This means we are able to adapt our resources and activities to meet the children’s interests, therefore, enabling them to move forward with their learning.

We hold regular meetings to discuss individual children. Are they being given appropriate experiences, can we help them with their ability to mix with their peers, do they need support in particular areas? By focusing on a few key children at a time in these meetings, we are able to develop activities and experiences to enhance their own individual needs.

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